About Us


The detailing industry today is a far cry from its origins. While manufacturers have made concessions and broadened their product ranges, we’ve refined ours. We’re taking the road less traveled, perfecting the most specialized parts of detailing. Here, the landscape for truly durable waxes isn’t overcrowded. The pretenders are few, and the savvy consumers-the ones who have tried everything and looked everywhere under the sun-know this all too well. That’s why they know Collinite.

How else can you explain that-without traditional marketing or advertising methods, new product launches, or even discounts-Collinite has found its way into these people’s hands-in over 50 different countries and counting?  The answer is fundamentally simple and uniquely refreshing; No matter the time that passes or the compromises made around us, Collinite will stay the course and continue to exceed expectations. This is our enduring tribute to those who know us and those yet to find us; the ones who refuse to change or compromise. The ones who know better.

What We Do


Serving our loyal automotive, marine and industrial customers since 1936, Collinite has existed with one single purpose in mind: to provide the most durable, highest-grade wax products available. Our entire handcrafted line is patiently produced according to Collinite’s own exclusive, proprietary formulations. No fillers, extenders or thickeners are used to reduce manufacturing costs.

Our small family business philosophy entails an old-school devotion to excellence that continues to influence everything we make, and everything we do. Collinite waxes, cleaners and polishes were originally developed over 75 years ago for those who valued premium quality over compromise. We are still proud to operate under this same fundamental principal today.

Our product line is dedicated to all those who didn’t fall for the fancy promos, fading trends, or discount retail bins. To everyone who has supported us for over three quarters of a century-thank you. For those who’ve recently found us by tuning out the hype and tuning into the referrals-you heard right.


-The Collinite Crew