“General consensus is that sealant outlives wax, but there are exceptions. The Collinites are an example of exceptions.” - Alex Ruiz


“They are truly amazing products, and I have literally tried them all over the years.” – Tom Sarraco


“I tell everyone about your products, especially when I see they take pride in their vehicles. I believe good word-of-mouth is the best advertising you can get, and it's free... I never heard of Collinite till someone told me about it…. It is the best wax I have ever used.”  – Phil Hendrix


 “I have been using your products since 1965 when I started my business…We have found nothing that is currently available that will out last, outshine and keep cars from rusting like your waxes.” - Gerry Acquilano


“Tried every wax polish sealer know to man from body shop stores to all kinds of waxes polishes in auto stores…I will never ever use anything but your wax. If someone gave me (another) wax I would just give it away. This is no bull…been looking for something this good that looks so good and lasts for years” – Rick Mattia


“I have tried so many different waxes and such in the past, and nothing outlasts Collinite! I swear by it! – Doug Kester


“Today I used your product No. 476s for the first time and I'm very impressed! It brought back much needed shine to a tired 12 year old car finish. Your wax product cleaned up more than the compound and polish from a major marketed company. I'm looking forward to trying your other products!" – Tony Sciandra


“The only wax to use.” – Gina Lamonte


“I have used your wax for 40 years...I have never found another wax that brings out the clarity of true color, cleanness, and depth that yours does.” – Doug O’Brine


“The best wax out there-awesome product.” – Dave Bartwink