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No. 855

Leather and Vinyl Wax

Conditioning Treatment

All in one leather & vinyl treatment moisturizes, gently cleans and protects


  • Deep feeds and rejuvenates surface
  • Leaves behind a like-new, natural satin finish
  • Protects against premature drying, deterioration, spills and weathering

Far from your typical wipe on, wipe off dressing, No. 855 deep feeds leather and vinyl to create and preserve that like-new, natural satin finish. Lends a rich carnauba gloss while providing a protective coating that guards against future wear, deterioration, drying/cracking, and spills. Handcrafted and hand-poured in the USA.

Place finger over cap and shake well before using. Before applying, remove loose, non-embedded particles or debris (e.g. dirt, stones etc.) Apply a drop of No. 855 to microfiber applicator pad and spread product evenly across a 1x1 ft section at a time. Rub as necessary to remove all film, grime, and mild staining. As product begins to dry, polish off with dry microfiber towel. 

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  • For automotive, marine, RV and aircraft; seating, upholstery
  • NOT recommended for suede, fabric, buck, unsealed leather or exterior vinyl trim
  • Also works well on saddles, furniture, select sporting equipment