For Those Who Know Better

Collinite recently sat down to author an introduction for our automotive print catalog. We’ve come to know that it’s not just our products that are unique-it’s the people who have continued to use them for the past 79 years. So this was for you. Thanks. 

For Those Who Know Better

Would you believe there’s a car wax out there that can stand solely on its merits; its durability, craftsmanship, reputation, and heritage? And would you believe that there are certain people-discerning people from all over the world-who were meant to find this car wax?

You’d say product-customer romances like that just don’t exist anymore. You’d say it’s not that simple. Products and people need to change and compromise, just like everything and everyone else.

Don’t they?

The auto appearance industry today is a far cry from its origins. While manufacturers have made concessions and broadened their product ranges, we’ve refined ours. We’re taking the road less traveled, perfecting the most specialized part of detailing-the last step finish.

Here, the landscape for a truly durable wax isn’t overcrowded. The pretenders are few, and the savvy consumers-the ones who have tried everything and looked everywhere under the sun-know this all too well. That’s why they know Collinite. When Collinite can’t be found at their corner store, they look elsewhere. After all, finally finding exactly what you’ve been looking for means second choices do not exist.

How else can you explain that-without traditional marketing or advertising methods, new product launches, or even discounts-Collinite has found its way into these people’s hands-in 49 different countries and counting?

The answer is fundamentally simple and uniquely refreshing; No matter the time that passes or the compromises made around us, Collinite will stay the course and continue to exceed expectations. This is our enduring tribute to those who know us and those yet to find us; the ones who refuse to change or compromise. The ones who know better.  

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