No. 915

Marque D’Elegance

Ultra High Gloss Wax

No. 915

Marque D’Elegance

Ultra High Gloss Wax

A showroom shine that lasts

With our deepest polymer-carnauba shine, this top-shelf blend is the coating to have for darker, pristinely-kept finishes.


  • Provides highest level of gloss-most notable on darker tones; black, navy, metallic etc.
  • 2nd highest degree of durability; 6-9 months of weather protection
  • For Hand & DA Use
  • Minimal buffing required
  • Removal of surface defects; swirls, scratches etc
  • Use on rubber, non-skid, black trim, vinyl, glass or non-painted plastic.


Marque D’ Elegance boasts Collinite’s highest amount of rare carnauba; yielding our highest gloss and warmest shine to darker, meticulously maintained finishes. Combined with weather-protecting polymers, No.915 provides a showroom look with exceptional durability and a price that’s hundreds less than other boutique brands.


  • Available in 12 fl oz
  • Average Spread/Coverage: 1,400-2,200 sq ft

TIP: Always test product first in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure desired result. For added shine and durability, follow up with S-845 Insulator Speed Wax

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  1. Owen

    I have used other cleaner/waxes before in the past, none compare to the shine of Marque D’ Elengance. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it! I’M HOOKED!!!! l wish I knew about it earlier!

  2. Ruttie85

    Here in Holland, detailers found this product when they love deep warm shine and weather especially in the winter.. I used another brand, but I returned to the 915. With the other wax, I had ‘holograms’ and ‘clouds’ in my paint, but when you use 915 panel by panel, (apply very thin!) it will shine and hold for 4-5 months when you prepare your paint with a clay bar and detailer. Leaves the colour warmer as well. My favourite!

  3. Naeem Doola

    I have tried them all in the last 20 years but nothing surpasses the shine, durability and sheer grandeur of 915. On black it is simply in a league of its own.

  4. Ronald Gilmer

    I have used many high end wax products over the last 50 years, being particular with my vehicles, Corvettes, BMW. Mercedes, boats,Etc. I don’t like cleaning bugs from the grill, hood , fenders and so on. Collinite 915 is not only superior for shine and longevity, and ease of use, it also makes the bug issue a breeze and is only 30% the price of what I was using. I will be using Collinite 915 on my boat and cars from now on. Thank You.

  5. Todd Hibbard

    Collinite 915 is simply the industrial standard in fine paste waxes. I use 915 on our 3 vehicles and sometimes I joke around laughing, “When is this wax going to break down?” It simply is that good. I live in Port Saint Lucie, Florida where the summer heat can break down waxes easily. With 915, this is not the case. People ask me how I get my two white vehicles to reflect so well. 915 is my response. Collinite has always delivered, this is a fact.

  6. Samuel J Greco

    First time I used this brand on my brothers 1965 GTO. I had an advantage, I grew up in Utica where the factory is located. Now I use Collinite on my 1988 Porsche air cooled 911 and 2018 Porsche GT3. Still have not found anything that is better and usually way more expensive. I placed second in a Porsche Club of America concors in Monterey with this product.

  7. Dave

    Used twice on black Cherokee & modern steel Accord. Nothing else makes the paint have a deep gloss like this does. I’ve tried many combinations to apply and remove. Easiest is applying with machine & remove with short side of the rag company edge less 365. Everything else seems to just push the wax around. If applying by hand do small sections at a time or takes too much work to remove. Won’t use anything else now.

  8. Zippy

    I have been using the 915 for years. It is simply the best wax on the market. I first apply a cost of the 476 and then a cost of the 915.
    With close to 400,000 miles on my Town & Country van people can’t
    believe the finish.

    I recently had a minor accident. The body shop repairing my van was astounded by the finish.

  9. EW

    I used One Grand Blitz for over 20 years until the company went out of business and I had to look for a replacement carnauba wax. This is an awesome replacement.. It makes metallic flake pop out of the paint and has the most amazing depth of shine. I am so glad I found Marque D’Elegance.

  10. Mark See

    Had 4 coats of 845 (1st time user) 0n med blue metallic Honda paint. Got 10 yr old, 100k used car. 105, 205, & initial 2x of 845 was stunning for a non pro. Beautiful reflections.
    Now, I did 1/2 trunk w? super fine polish and 2x 915.
    Noticable difference. Takes to another whole level.
    845 is amazing, but this is the next level if thats possible.
    Leave ur coatings, ceramic, and graphine on the www.
    I’ll take this.

  11. Robert

    Greetings from New England. First time customer last summer when I took delivery of my first new vehicle in 15 years. I was too cheap to pay the extra $1500 for the latest and greatest ceramic coating package they were trying to sell me. So I stumbled onto a detailer blog. And I saw the name Collinite getting nice compliments. I never heard of Collinite. So Google found it. I liked the history of the company. And decided if I’m going to wax it myself. I will give the small family owned business with not a valid negative comment on a detailer blog site a try. I purchased a package that included 915. I’m no pro detailer. But after reading the instructions on the tin. Off I went. Wax on wax off. I don’t understand the people who say the wax is hard to remove. I applied it. Waited for it to haze. Your time to wait will depend on the weather and humidity. And it easily buffed off with micro fiber towels. A little goes a long way. My truck is a 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 and it looks absolutely stunning with this wax. This wax lasted a good 6 months through the late fall, winter, and spring. The longevity is mind blowing for a $42 tin of wax. Absolutely a steal for the price. This really is the best wax I never heard of. Buy it. The Collinite 520 is also the best detailer I never heard of.

  12. Jay Draudt

    I used this on my Honda S2000 and it has never looked this good after using 915. Once I figured out to only do a small area at a time I enjoyed buffing it again and again even though it didn’t need it. Have had many comments about how red it is and that’s thanks to Collinite and no other wax made it ever look this good. Thanks for a tremendous product.

  13. Sage

    This stuff is by far the best wax I’ve ever used. The gloss, shine, and hydrophobicity and slickness is INSANE. Better than boutique waxes 5 times the price. A MUST HAVE product. Goes on like butter. Easy to remove with plush towels.

  14. Randy Bryant

    This 845 is everything you want in a wax and everything they claim it is! Great

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No. 915

No S-845 Speed Wax is designed to maintain and enhance an existing coat of any Collinite Sealant Wax (845, 915, 476s). While it does not replace the durable base coat durability found in one of our waxes, it does offer its own stand alone protection of up to 2 months. It can be used as often as desired to boost beading and provide a slick showroom gloss.

915 is specifically formulated to provide a deeper show room shine to darker colored, vibrant and metallic flake clear coat finishes. 915 contains the highest concentration of carnauba wax while still offering a high degree of polymer hydrophobic protection.