Ceramic + Graphene Paint Sealant



Ceramic + Graphene Paint Sealant

Featuring an SiO2+ graphene structure, this easy to use sealant provides ultra durable hydrophobics and a high gloss, super slick finish to variety of automotive exterior surfaces


  • + 6+ Months of Stand Alone Paint Protection
  • + Extreme Hydrophobic Beading Effect
  • + Applied over Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film
  • + For Paint, Glass, Wheels, Exterior Trim
  • + Easy Wipe On-Wipe Off High Gloss Shine
  • + Drying Aid (Once a Base Layer is Applied)
  • + UV and Detergent Resistant
  • - Removal of Surface Defects (Swirls, Scratches)
  • - Not for use on contaminated surfaces; untreated by iron (chemical) or clay (mechanical) processes
  • - Interior Surfaces
  • - Tires
  • - Applied Over Waxes and Sealants
  • - Hot Surfaces


No.100 Beadcoat SiO2 + Graphene Spray Sealant quickly provides ultra-durable hydrophobics + a high gloss, super slick finish to a variety of automotive exterior surfaces. Featuring a functional ceramic-graphene resin structure, this easy-to-use formula provides 6+ months of stand-alone paint protection and UV/detergent-resistant shine. Beadcoat can also be used to enhance & preserve an existing ceramic or graphene coating. Safe for paint, glass, wheels & trim.

Available in 16 fl oz
Average Spread/Coverage: 600-1,000 sq ft

TIPS: Always test product first in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure desired result.
*For optimal bond/protection, ensure surface is free of above-surface contamination; this can be achieved with iron remover + clay process (towel or bar). Below-surface paint imperfections (swirls/ scratches/marring) should be removed by DA Polish (e.g. Collinite’s No. 390)

As a lubricating drying aid: Following a wash-while vehicle surface is still wet-apply 2 sprays of Beadcoat to one 3×3 ft panel at a time. Using a microfiber towel, wipe entirety of panel until dry. Flip towel as necessary, and change towels as they become saturated. Repeat process on all painted surfaces (and glass). *This process is only recommended if a previous base coat of Beadcoat has been applied.

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  1. Todd Hibbard (verified owner)

    I just received my sample of Collinite Beadcoat 100 at the MTE expo in Orlando. The team at Collinite has now delivered again ! As soon as I drove home with the sample, I prepped the hood of my vehicle properly and applied the Beadcoat as a stand alone LSP. The application of Beadcoat was effortless. The plush microfiber glided across the hood effortlessly. The gloss and shine left behind were artistic. Simply put, go order some now !!! When the rain comes tomorrow, the hydrophobic abilities will be visible. I will update on longevity as time progresses. Thank you for striving to be the best, it shows.

  2. Brian Rhea (verified owner)

    Truely the easiest ceramic I have ever applied. After 2 months of daily contact washes, it is still holding up like it was just applied. you will not be disappointed.

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