No. 520


Universal Detailer

No. 520


Universal Detailer

A fast & protective shine between washes.

Gloss enhancer-quick touchups-clay lubricant, protection booster & more. This do-it-all, multi-surface exterior detailer is your go-to for every job.


  • Provides high gloss shine & hydrophobic beading
  • Up to 4 weeks of weather protection
  • Deepens color
  • Safe on paint and trim
  • Fast, effortless removal of light water spots, prints, smudges, dust, droppings and car wash residue
  • Easy buff out
  • Use in direct sun
  • Last step wax level of UV/Weather Protection (No.845, 915 or 476)
  • Removal of paint defects; swirls, scratches, oxidation etc
  • Heavily soiled surfaces that require a pre-wash
  • Use on rubber, vinyl, glass, matte paint, or interior use


All new QD combines high lubricity cleansers + Collinite’s legendary polymer-protection for a unique bead and sheet shine. No. 520 safely and easily eliminates light contaminants between washes while preserving your Collinite No. 845, 476 or 915 wax look and durability. Ideal for fast touch ups; removal of light water spots, prints, smudges, dust, pollen, droppings, automatic car wash residue and more. Leaves behind a high gloss protective shine. Recommended for exterior surfaces only; paint (non-matte), wheels and trim.

  • Available in 16 fl oz & 64 fl oz Ready to Use refill (trigger sprayer not included with 64 fl oz)
  • Average Spread/Coverage: 300-400 sq ft

TIPS: Avoid extreme temperatures. Hot surfaces will provide less than optimal spread and drying times. Working in smaller areas (2×2 ft) is advisable in warmer temperatures.

Always test product first in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure desired result.

Do not use on heavily soiled surfaces (mud, road dirt/debris) en lieu of a proper wash. Using No.520 on these surfaces may move contaminants further into paint and cause minor scratching or swirls.

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  1. darrow hill


  2. Mike (verified owner)

    Just used it for the very first time Friday 4/3/2020. I’ve used it 3 times since, great stuff. I first put on a coat of the Marquis 915 then a nice final wipe with the 520. You talk about a deep shiny color WOW ! And last times just for a quick wipe down. I like how it goes on like a detail spray but just as you finish almost wiping it u see the 845 remnants come out. Just finish wiping and it disappears. And MAN u gotta see the shine. I wish it came in gallon jugs cause it gonna be used a lot on my car. I do detailing for a living and this is some good good stuff. Better get you some !

  3. Frank D. (verified owner)

    I’ve added Mr. Collins No. 520 to my detailing lineup from Collinite, excellent product – highly recommend it.

    Easy to apply and remove, no streaking, excellent shine and smells good! I like I am staying with the same brand to use as a detailer over either 476 & 845. I purchased the No. 915 and will be using that shortly.

    I place a high value on family owned businesses and try to support them whenever I can.

    I agree with another poster that having the 520 in a gallon container would be great!

    Frank D.

  4. Joe

    First time i tried the product i was really impressed by the results. It had a nice smooth finish better then other brand Washless products. I will be trying the other products in the near future.


    Love this. Topped my collie 845 with this. Sparkling black car. Ordered another as back up. Did I say that I LOVE THIS STUFF ??!!!

  6. S.P

    Used it on my jet black car yesterday afternoon in 32 degree temperature and it removed the salt dust and other garbage from my paint while leaving that infamous Collinite shine. I couldn’t be happier not expecting it to be streak free and work as promised seeing as doing it in the cold should’ve brought lackluster results, but it’s everything and more just like every single product they make.

  7. Tom

    Use it as a detailer between washes. Truck has been ceramic coated, insulator wax and this as a topper.
    Ready for Michigan winter…bring it on.

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    This stuff is absolutely amazing! This came as part of a kit that I purchased from Collinite during one of my deep forays into the www looking for a good paste wax. This stuff even works at freezing temperatures. But you gotta work fast. Also great for claying a car. It works great with Collinite 915

  9. Robert (verified owner)

    This stuff is truly amazing! I am addicted! I just ordered another 1/2 gallon. Could Collinite please offer this in a 1 gallon size? At similar savings? I will gladly buy it by the gallon.

  10. Kevin Gomes

    Great product. Great quick detailer. I use after wax 476s when I wash car & want a quick wax to keep car looking great.

  11. Kevin Gomes

    Great product. Great quick detailer. I use after wax 476s when I wash car & want a quick wax to keep car looking great.

  12. Michael Gartland (verified owner)

    Background below, but for this specific product: This is one of my absolute favorites from Collinite. My recommendation is you travel with this – awesome for long trips/vacations. How many of us take time prepping our vehicles before a long trip, only to reach our destination, after having driven through some weather and then we’re stuck with the vehicle not looking great, for the rest of the time we’re away from home? Mr Collins QD is incredible for restoring a waxed-look shine, while on the road. I would drink this stuff if I could (not recommended).

    A few things to consider: 1) I live in Upstate NY 2) I have tried pretty much every ‘over-hyped and over-marketed’ vehicle product out there. From Chemical Guys to Mothers to Meguiar’s to Turtle Wax. 3) All of my vehicles are black: Lexus IS250, Lexus GX460, Jeep Gladiator.

    I wish I had started using Collinite products earlier as the quality is unsurpassed at every level and for everyone of their product offerings. Their products feel different, smell different (better) and last longer; especially critical where I live. Waxes are easier to apply and remove and the instructions are detailed. Collinite has every aspect of your vehicle care covered…not to mention it’s born, bred, and thriving in the US.

  13. Ed

    Super quick shine after wash + on top of All other collinite waxes or polishes.

  14. John Oliver

    I was told about 845 at a car show the Anderson’s did in Toledo, Oh. Back around 1999 the gentleman gave me a quick history about the product. Since then I have tried many different products, but in spring I always go back to the 845 it’s so easy to use ,I’m glad you have come out with a detailer spray this should help so much..y main car is a SRT8, SUPERBEE and the paint shine is fantastic. I’m about to get my 99 Dakota R/T back on the road, black, looking forward to seeing how it cleans up.

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No. 520

Yes. 520 should be used regularly to remove fresh contaminants with its high lubricity formula. It will increase the life of an existing wax coat with its unique bead and sheet shine. It is compatible with all of Collinite’s finishing waxes (845, 476s, 915).

It is recommended that 520 be used over a base coat of one of Collinite’s finishing waxes for maximum protection. However, as a standalone, the product will provide water beading durability for up to 4 weeks as it is “Insulated” with Collinite’s signature polymer-carnauba wax protection.