3 IN 1 Ceramic Detailer



3 IN 1 Ceramic Detailer

Super versatile Booster-Drying Aid-Topper & more features a Si02+polymer structure, hyper-slick finish and fast hydrophobic results


  • + Paint, Glass, Wheels and Trim
  • + Extremely Slick Finish
  • + Removes Light Dust, Fingerprints and Smudges
  • + Up to 3 Months Hydrophobics
  • + Easy Wipe On Wipe Off High Gloss Shine
  • + Clay Lubricant, Drying Aid, Show Car Prep
  • + Topper Over Waxes, Sealants, Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film
  • - Interior Surfaces (Leather, Vinyl, Dash)
  • - Surface Defects, Swirls, Scratches
  • - Tires
  • - Heavily Soiled or Contaminated Surfaces


No. 150 Slickr Ceramic 3 in 1 quickly & easily adds hydrophobic water beading properties + a high gloss, hyper-slick finish to a variety of automotive exterior surfaces. With an SiO2-polymer structure, Slickr excels as both a stand-alone protectant or as a booster applied over any existing wax, sealant or ceramic/graphene coating; enhancing shine & adding protection. Its versatility enables it to also be used as a drying aid, topper, clay lubricant or as a final inspection detailer; removing light dust and smudges. Safe for paint, glass, wheels & trim.

Available in 16 fl oz
Average Spread/Coverage: 600-1,000 sq ft

TIPS: Always test product first in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure desired result.

As a lubricating drying aid: Following a wash-while vehicle surface is still wet-apply 2 sprays of Slickr to one 3×3 ft panel at a time. Using a microfiber towel, wipe entirety of panel until dry. Flip towel as necessary, and change towels as they become saturated. Repeat process on all painted surfaces (and glass).

As a clay lubricant: Apply 2 sprays of Slickr directly onto a Colli-Flex Decon Towel (rubberized side). With minimal pressure, move decon towel over a 3×3 ft panel in a cross-hatch, overlapping pattern. *Apply additional product to the surface in order to maintain slickness/lubrication and to avoid marring. Remove product from panel with a dry microfiber towel. Repeat process on all painted surfaces (and glass).

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  1. Todd Hibbard (verified owner)

    What detailers look for in a detail spray has just arrived by Collinite. Slickr’s missing letter “E” should refer to exceptional. This product lives up to the Collinite reputation. Most impressive of all is the non-streaking shine and water beading properties. The application is simple, the results, perfect. I decided to coat the windows as it is acceptable to do with this product. The rain blew off the windshield effortlessly. Keep up the family tradition, you have a lifetime customer in South Florida.

  2. Kevin Gomes

    Ordered some on 3/4 was delivered on 3/7, Used it on my car 3/8 as always with your products. Awesome

  3. Michael Paquette

    I have primarily been using this product as a drying aid in 34 to 40 degree weather, with excellent results. A quick spritz and one pass with a drying towel. There is no streaking! Water beads like crazy!! Another great product by Collinite, hope to see it in a larger

  4. Ryan Rallya

    So I just got this today and decided I wanted to try it out on my car. First off the smell is awesome. Secondly, insanely easy to use and user friendly. Didn’t have any issues with streaking and it leaves behind a nice slick & glossy surface. Looking forward to seeing the hydrophobic in action and the durability of this detailer. Collinite, please come out with a gallon refill asap.

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