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No. 870


All in One Cleaner + Wax

No. 870


All in One Cleaner + Wax

Restores, Beautifies, Protects & Lasts

All in one cleaner-wax for mild oxidation leaves a high gloss, protective shine


  • Removes mild oxidation
  • Removes black streaks
  • Removes tough stains a wash will not
  • For Hand, DA and Rotary Use
  • Combine 2 steps in 1
  • Provide 2-3 months of weather protection
  • Can be used before last step waxes
  • Provides No. 885/No. 925 degree of UV/Weather Protection
  • Removes Moderate-Heavy/Aged Oxidation
  • Suitable for clear coat paint defects


Collinite’s award-winning, #1 selling marine product is the product to have for larger fleet applications when saving time and money is a priority, but performance can’t be compromised. Versatile and easy to use, this single step formula removes film, light oxidation/discoloration and stains from fiberglass surfaces while leaving behind a radiant, high gloss finish and durable protective coating that shields for months against weathering; UV, salt spray and more.

Application By Hand
• Place a nickel sized amount of product on an applicator pad.
• Rub in well over a section no bigger than a 2×2 ft. Use firm pressure and rub until just before product starts to dry. Buff off with a microfiber towel to reveal a crisper, darker and more reflective finish.
Application By Machine
• Place 5 small pea size dots onto buffing pad. Do not over saturate pad. Only a small amount of product is needed.
• Place pad on panel and turn on buffer to 5800 pm. Make 2-3 section passes with firm pressure no larger than a 2×2 ft section. Lower machine speed to 4800 opm and make an additional 2-3 passes with less pressure. Buff until just before product dries. Never dry buff.
• Wipe off product residue from panel to reveal a clean, glossy, beautiful finish.

  • For exterior marine detailing use
  • Available in 16 fl oz and 64 fl oz
  • Average Spread/Coverage: 500-1,000 sq feet

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No. 870

Yes. 870 is designed to remove mild oxidation, black streaks and stains while leaving behind a high gloss protective wax coating for up to 3 months. This product is ideal as an All-in-One for a shorter, fresh water seasons.

No. 870 is a liquid cleaner wax and 885 is a pure paste wax with no cleaners.

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