still the best on the water

Whether runabout, sailboat, or yacht, let’s face it-boats are meant to be in the water, not out every week for repeat surface maintenance. That’s why we specifically formulate Collinite marine products to clean faster, shine brighter, protect better, and survive longer. And it’s why they continue to quietly set the benchmark in gloss and water-bead durability year after year, award after award.



collinite no. 925 fiberglass last step boat wax
collinite no. 920 boat cleaner medium cutting compound
collinite no. 870 fiberglass all in one boat cleaner wax
No. 870


collinite no. 850 metal wax all in one medium cut polish
No. 885

Fleetwax Paste

collinite no. 855 leather and vinyl wax conditioning treatment