Authenticity? Shouldn’t be a problem.

“What you guys do at Collinite is authentic; family business, blue collar, small focus, quality products. People like to hear about that kind of stuff nowadays. Don’t be afraid to include that in your message to customers. “

This was the advice (and probably the most coveted advice) we were given when initiating the new project. The best part is, we never had to fake the authenticity card in our messaging. We keep things small at the Collinite plant, so everyone here helps out and pitches in-whenever possible, with everything. Just ask anyone who’s stopped by and been around us.

Yesterday was the first day the site went live. I came in at 7:45 AM and envisioned putting some finishing touches on the product pages and getting prepared. But our all-hands-on-deck operating procedure means day-to-day tasks aren’t just passed off to someone else. You do your best to take care of them yourself and pitch in.

Among other things-cleaner-wax cases needed to be stacked, customer phone calls needed to be answered, production schedules had to be determined, and a quick personnel line change was required for hand-pouring No. 885 Fleetwax Paste (literally 15 feet from my desk).

Maybe now you can see why the site took us so long to finish. You may even notice a few typos and minor discrepancies littered throughout the site that we still have to address (or for that matter-this entry, as I had to pick up the phone 4 times). Don’t worry-between pouring, shipping and landscaping today-we’ll get it straight. But for now it’ll just have to be chalked up as us being ourselves-authentic to a fault.

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No. 845

Insulator Wax

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Super Doublecoat

collinite no. 850 metal wax all in one medium cut polish
No. 850

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