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No. 520

Mister Collins P.H.D.

Auto Quick Detailer

No. 520

Mister Collins P.H.D.

Auto Quick Detailer

A fast & protective shine between washes.

Versatility of a waterless wash with the shine of a spray wax-insulated with Collinite wax protection.


  • Provides high gloss shine and deepens color
  • Up to 4 weeks of weather protection
  • Safe on paint and trim
  • Fast, effortless removal of light water spots, prints, smudges, dust, droppings and car wash residue
  • Easy buff out
  • Use in direct sun
  • Last step wax level of UV/Weather Protection (No.845, 915 or 476)
  • Removal of paint defects; swirls, scratches, oxidation etc
  • Use on rubber, vinyl, glass, matte paint, or interior use


All new QD combines high lubricity cleansers + Collinite’s legendary polymer-carnauba wax protection for a unique bead and sheet shine. No. 520 safely and easily eliminates light contaminants between washes while enhancing your Collinite No. 845, 476 or 915 wax look and durability. Ideal for fast touch ups; removal of light water spots, prints, smudges, dust, pollen, droppings, automatic car wash residue and more. Leaves behind a lasting, high gloss shine that beads AND sheets. Recommended for exterior surfaces only; paint (non-matte) and trim.

  • Available in 16 fl oz
  • Average Spread/Coverage: 300-400 sq ft

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No. 520

Yes. 520 should be used regularly to remove fresh contaminants with its high lubricity formula. It will increase the life of an existing wax coat with its unique bead and sheet shine. It is compatible with all of Collinite’s finishing waxes (845, 476s, 915).

It is recommended that 520 be used over a base coat of one of Collinite’s finishing waxes for maximum protection. However, as a standalone, the product will provide water beading durability for up to 4 weeks as it is “Insulated” with Collinite’s signature polymer-carnauba wax protection.

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