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No. 915

Marque D’Elegance

Last Step Concours Paste Wax

No. 915

Marque D’Elegance

Last Step Concours Paste Wax

A showroom shine that lasts

With our deepest carnauba shine, this is top-shelf blend is the product to have for darker, pristinely-kept finishes


  • Provides highest level of gloss-most notable on darker tones; black, navy, metallic etc.
  • 2nd highest degree of durability; 6-9 months of weather protection
  • For Hand & DA Use
  • Minimal buffing required
  • Removal of surface defects; swirls, scratches etc
  • Use on rubber, non-skid, black trim, vinyl, glass or non-painted plastic.


Marque D’ Elegance boasts Collinite’s highest amount of rare carnauba; yielding our highest gloss and warmest shine to darker, meticulously maintained finishes. Look for exceptional durability and a price that’s hundreds less than other boutique brands.


  • Available in 12 fl oz
  • Average Spread/Coverage: 1,400-2,200 sq ft

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No. 915

915 is specifically formulated to provide a deeper show room shine to darker colored, vibrant and metallic flake clear coat finishes. 915 contains the highest concentration of carnauba wax while still offering a high degree of polymer hydrophobic protection.

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