No. 390

Pro Polish

Machine Paint Defect Removal

No. 390

Pro Polish

Machine Paint Defect Removal

Correction before wax protection

Safely remove swirls/scratches & haze while achieving a high gloss finish that's ready for Collinite's signature follow-up protection


  • Removes clear coat defects; fine scratches, swirls, water spots, wash marks
  • Best results found by dual action polisher
  • Perfects finish for follow up wax protection
  • Removes above-surface/bonded contaminants
  • Provides weather protection


All new clear-coat safe, machine polish uses micro abrasives to safely eliminate minor paint defects like fine scratches/ swirls, water spots, mild oxidation, and wash marks from surface; finishing down to impart a smooth, high gloss shine and facilitating the easy application-and improving the bond-of any of Collinite’s last step durable wax coatings; 845, 476 or 915. Not for use on rubber or black trim. Handcrafted and poured in the USA.

  • Eliminates minor paint defects; fine scratches/swirls, water spots, mild oxidation & wash marks
  • Imparts a smooth, high gloss shine
  • Facilitates the easy application-and improves the bond-of any of Collinite’s durable wax coatings
  • Clear coat safe, machine-friendly

TIP: Always test product first in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure desired result.

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  1. Steve Clipper

    Good stuff

  2. Michael Gartland (verified owner)

    Background below, but for this specific product #390 – MACHINE CORRECTION POLISH: works as exactly as you would hope. If you’re interested in Collinite, you obviously are interested in maintaining the look of your vehicles. Why jump to a final step in the process without doing the necessary prep work to ensure the results you’re looking for? I don’t move to applying No. 325 or No. 476s before using this pre wax? It clearly makes a difference as I can see this help clear the abuse the paint on my vehicles take – it gives me confidence my upcoming waxing efforts will be well worth it.

    A few things to consider: 1) I live in Upstate NY 2) I have tried pretty much every ‘over-hyped and over-marketed’ vehicle product out there. From Chemical Guys to Mothers to Meguiar’s to Turtle Wax. 3) All of my vehicles are black: Lexus IS250, Lexus GX460, Jeep Gladiator.

    I wish I had started using Collinite products earlier as the quality is unsurpassed at every level and for everyone of their product offerings. Their products feel different, smell different (better) and last longer; especially critical where I live. Waxes are easier to apply and remove and the instructions are detailed. Collinite has every aspect of your vehicle care covered…not to mention it’s born, bred, and thriving in the US.

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No. 390

No.415 Color-Up Cleaner is an economically designed compound best suited for the removal of clear coat staining, brake dust, oxidation and other paint imperfections that can be commonly remedied by hand use. No. 415 can be used by both hand and DA polisher.
No. 390 Polish utilizes advanced abrasives specifically engineered to remove swirls/fine scratches while leaving behind a professional, mirror finish. To achieve these desired results, No. 390 is designed for machine use only (DA polisher and rotary).

With the aid of a DA polisher, No. 390 polish is designed to remove below surface contamination such as swirls, haze, marring and fine scratches. No. 415 is designed to remove other below surface contamination like clear coat staining, brake dust, & oxidation (and other contaminants that can commonly be remedied by hand use). A clay bar removes above the surface contaminants such as mineral deposits, embedded debris and tar.