No. 925

Marine Wax

Last Step Wax

No. 925

Marine Wax

Last Step Wax

Durability shouldn’t be this easy

Easy-to-use last step wax provides high gloss shine and long-lasting weather defense


  • Provides long-lasting weather protection
  • Most machine-friendly last step marine wax
  • For hand or machine use
  • Clear coat safe
  • Wax coating is MORE DURABLE than 870 ; LESS DURABLE than 885
  • For use on contaminant-free gel coat, fiberglass
  • Can be layered
  • Provides easier removal, less buffing than 885 Paste Wax
  • Removes oxidation & staining or black streaks
  • NOT recommended for rubber, non-skid, black trim, vinyl, glass or non-painted plastic


For those in search of glistening fiberglass and lasting protection without the elbow grease of a paste wax. Easy on, easy off last step wax provides both long-lasting protection to fiberglass, while leaving behind a high gloss shine and durable protective coating that shields all season against weathering; UV, salt spray and more. Ideal for wax-ready large surface area jobs where radiant shine, protective longevity and timely job completion are all paramount.


  • For exterior marine detailing use
  • Available in 16 fl oz
  • Average Spread/Coverage: 1,200-2,000 sq ft

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  1. Mark

    This wax is unbelievable ! Goes on very easy and wipes of just as easy great shine

  2. Jeff Tumblin

    Been using 870 & 925 since the mid 90S on my boat for 20 years and now on my Motorhome for the last 10 years best and longest lasting shine for my money on Gel Coat. With being said you may tell I am getting older so this year had a RV wash & wax company come to the house and wax and clean with a new foam poly wash & wax look good for a day or so waste of money. I am buying the 870 & 925 so I can have the finish & shine that I expect

  3. Darrell A Scislo

    So far this has been the best addition to my boating regimen. Amazingly easy to apply and the gloss is like glass. I hope it lasts!

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No. 925

925 is a liquid gel version of the 885 Fleetwax. It provides a smooth spread and machine friendly application which can be applied in larger sections than a traditional paste wax.

925 can save detailers many hours when waxing larger vessels. It provides 4-6 months of high gloss shine and durable UV protection and is easily applied with a DA polisher or wax orbital (finishing pad recommended). 925’s user friendly formula is an excellent alternative for a shorter boating season, and it also a suitable to be layered over the 885 Fleetwax.