No. 925

Marine Wax

Last Step Wax

No. 925

Marine Wax

Last Step Wax

Durability shouldn’t be this easy

Easy-to-use last step wax provides high gloss shine and long-lasting weather defense


  • Provides long-lasting weather protection
  • Most machine-friendly last step marine wax
  • For hand or machine use
  • Clear coat safe
  • Wax coating is MORE DURABLE than 870 ; LESS DURABLE than 885
  • For use on contaminant-free gel coat, fiberglass
  • Can be layered
  • Provides easier removal, less buffing than 885 Paste Wax
  • Removes oxidation & staining or black streaks
  • NOT recommended for rubber, non-skid, black trim, vinyl, glass or non-painted plastic


For those in search of glistening fiberglass and lasting protection without the elbow grease of a paste wax. Easy on, easy off last step wax provides both long-lasting protection to fiberglass, while leaving behind a high gloss shine and durable protective coating that shields all season against weathering; UV, salt spray and more. Ideal for wax-ready large surface area jobs where radiant shine, protective longevity and timely job completion are all paramount.


  • For exterior marine detailing use
  • Available in 16 fl oz
  • Average Spread/Coverage: 1,200-2,000 sq ft

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  1. Mark

    This wax is unbelievable ! Goes on very easy and wipes of just as easy great shine

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No. 925

925 is a liquid gel version of the 885 Fleetwax. It provides a smooth spread and machine friendly application which can be applied in larger sections than a traditional paste wax.

925 can save detailers many hours when waxing larger vessels. It provides 4-6 months of high gloss shine and durable UV protection and is easily applied with a DA polisher or wax orbital (finishing pad recommended). 925’s user friendly formula is an excellent alternative for a shorter boating season, and it also a suitable to be layered over the 885 Fleetwax.

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