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No. 390

Pre-Wax Auto Polish

Medium Cutting Polish

Remove defects & achieve a high gloss finish that's ready for Collinite's signature wax protection


  • Eliminates minor paint defects; fine scratches/swirls, water spots, mild oxidation & wash marks
  • Imparts a smooth, high gloss shine
  • Facilitates the easy application-and improves the bond-of any of Collinite's durable wax coatings 
  • Clear coat safe, machine-friendly

All new clear-coat safe, micro abrasive polish eliminates minor paint defects like fine scratches/ swirls, water spots, mild oxidation, and wash marks from surface; finishing down to impart a smooth, high gloss shine; while facilitating the easy application-and improving the bond-of any of Collinite’s last step durable wax coatings; 845, 476 or 915. Not for use on rubber or black trim. Handcrafted and poured in the USA. 


Place finger over cap and shake well before using. Surface should be pre-cleaned (washed), dry and feel lukewarm (not hot) to the touch. For best results use DA polisher. BY MACHINE: Apply 3-4 pea-sized drops of No.390 to preferred foam pad of choice. Work product into 2x2 ft section with firm pressure until clear residue appears, and remove with dry microfiber towel. Do not dry-buff. BY HAND: Apply small amount of product to microfiber applicator pad and spread evenly across 1x1 ft section at a time. Rub as necessary until product begins to dry. Immediately remove with microfiber towel. To obtain added shine and protective durability on polished surface, follow up with one of Collinite’s last step waxes (No. 845, 476 or 915). 

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  • Clear coat, single stage or lacquered paints with mild defects 
  • Lightly tarnished chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper
  • Not recommended for moderate to heavy defects; severely neglected finishes, heavy oxidation, deep scratches


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