Wax nut?

I had an errand to run at the bank this afternoon. Pulling into the lot, it was hard not to notice how dull and faded their outdoor signage was. The words on the sign no longer stuck out, but rather blended into their background. Years of UV exposure had left them extremely chalky and tired looking, far from their original color. My thoughts quickly shifted from my checking balance to “I wonder how well some Collinite would work on these. “

After making my meager deposit, I politely asked to speak to the person in charge of the grounds, whereupon I was lead into the branch manager’s office. She probably anticipated I’d be asking about introductory rates or opening a new account.

“Hey-can I clean and wax your signs outside?”, I asked-somewhat eagerly.

Blank stare.

I tried again. “Uuuhhh…we actually make cleaners and waxes right here in town. I’d love to test them out on your signs outside because they look a little worn…no charge. Plus you won’t have to replace the signs.”

Based on the nonverbal social cues, she looked to be eyeing security, thinking- “This guy’s unbalanced. Someone see to his immediate ejection or pull the nearest alarm.”

Long story short-they weren’t interested, and I suppose I should have given my approach a little more thought, but what can I say-detailing’s part of who we are at Collinite. It’s on the brain when that’s what you do, what you make, and what you care about. Even when it comes to bank signs.

Here’s some other signs you may have detailing in your blood:

  • You put 3 coats of No.845 on your car….one for each day you’re renting it from Hertz.
  • “Beads” are not of the jewelry or New Orleans variety
  • Your food pantry inventory pales in comparison to your detailing products war chest
  • You’ve considered entering your polished lawn tractor in local car shows
  • “MF towel” is not an obscenity to you
  • Your car or boat is groomed and prepped more meticulously than your facial hair, and your spouse has few qualms about making this known to you
  • Heated garages = curb appeal when house hunting in colder climates
  • You continue to apply No. 915 to your kitchen floor-regardless of the loss of footing that’s been caused to your family members*
  • You won’t admit it to your 4 year old during TV time, but you’re itching to know what kind of cutting pad Handy Manny uses to achieve such a high gloss.
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No. 850

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