“You Have a Lebron James Product, and It’s Sitting on the Bench.”

One of our most frequent Frequently Asked Questions: Why is it so difficult to find your products where I live? Why aren’t you in more stores?

Collinite (as you may, or may not know) is a small, family-run business. If you’re a long-time Collinite user you can probably guess by now from our packaging, our reach and our blatant lack of flash that we dedicate nearly all of our resources into one thing: the quality of production. As a Collinite loyalist, you’re also probably one of the reasons we are in any stores. If you’re lucky enough to have Collinite available locally, that’s because someone in your vicinity (possibly even you) kept asking for it, and that store finally relented and ordered a few cases. This is why, at our core, we are truly a customer-driven product line.

We’ll admit it-the philosophy has remained exceedingly fundamental here at 1520 Lincoln Ave the past 76+ years: let the products do all the talking, and then rely on word-of-mouth to generate referrals and sales requests. But it works, it’s honest, and it’s what we’re comfortable with. We’ve all witnessed too many entities risk the consistency, tradition and authenticity of their products and services because they put scope and growth ahead of the important stuff. Maybe it was the local diner that opened a 2nd location and lost its original patrons. An underground band whose sound and lyrical content took a dive when it signed with a bigger label, or an auto manufacturer that swayed from its original mission when it went after more market share.

Taking into account its top-shelf ingredients, method of production (made and poured by hand in small batch runs) and most importantly-its performance and durability, Collinite is for all practical purposes a higher end item on the product spectrum. Well, at least we take enough pride in our waxes to consider them as much. And frankly, we devote too much detail into our manufacturing to consider them anything less.

And because we avoid allocating additional dollars to fancy packaging, an internal sale force, manufacturing reps or advertising/marketing campaigns (which, on average, can collectively account for anywhere between 10-60% of most products’ final retail price), we are able to effectively keep our prices much lower than other boutique-caliber brands. It’s ironic-we’ll field numerous complaints about Collinite’s nation-wide availability, but our products’ price point keeps them accessible to all walks of life.

You may never find Collinite in your neighborhood big box discount outlet, and for that-we apologize for the inconvenience. But we’d rather maintain Collinite’s quality, gearing it toward enthusiasts, and not everyday over-the-counter shoppers who only prefer low price and convenience over excellence. For now, we’ll stay on the bench ’til our number’s called.

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No. 845

Insulator Wax

No. 476s

Super Doublecoat

collinite no. 850 metal wax all in one medium cut polish
No. 850

Metal Wax