All Dressed Up

Sometimes it’s tough to trust people who are always dressed up. It’s almost as if certain motives or empty promises might be lying underneath a polished look or spiffy threads. Maybe that’s why politicians aren’t always looked upon with the highest regard. (Our apologies if you currently hold office.)

We’re not fancy dressers here at Collinite. Our friends know it. Our families know it. Casual is comfortable to us. There’s rarely any smoke and mirrors with our presentation-what you see is what you get, and we typically dress things down whenever possible. Putting more stock in someone’s character than their cardigan has always been our compass.

However, we take a softer line when it comes to weddings, celebrations or other special events of the like. Once in awhile it’s OK to clean up. Case in point, I for one wasn’t thrilled to don a wedding day tuxedo, but I knew the occasion called for it. My family, my friends and my wife deserved a little better than Dickies work shorts and a hand-me-down t-shirt.

And I suppose that kind of underscores the philosophy behind the new website. If you’re reading this, then you can already see the look (and more importantly-the function) of has been dressed up. But 2011 is one of those special events for us. It’s our 75th year of making Collinite. And there’s a product line, a legacy of tradition, and a slew of loyal customers that deserved a little better.

Whether you’ve bought Collinite, used it, sold it, or continue to spread the word about it (regardless of its dressed-down approach) we’d like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for helping support our small family business for the past 75 years.

Here’s to keeping up appearances…on our vehicles that is.

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Insulator Wax

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No. 850

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