Competitive Spirit

“Ty-what’d you shoot today?” -Judge Smails

“Oh Judge I don’t keep score.” – Ty Webb

 “Then how do you measure yourself with other golfers?” –Judge Smails

“By height.” – Ty Webb


If you’ve experienced the magnum opus that is Caddyshack, then you know where we’re coming from with the cinematic reference above. But what does Mr. Webb’s locker room philosophy have to do with Collinite?

Maybe you’ve noticed over the years from a phone call, email, or just from our general messaging that Collinite’s never really been in the business of comparing itself to the competition.

“How do you compete with the bigger or emerging names in detailing?”, is a question we’re all too often asked.

Don’t get us wrong-we have a pretty good working knowledge of what’s out there-of what works, and what simply doesn’t. We always have. We’ll even make recommendations for use of an alternative brand when the situation calls for it.

Besides making an array of durable LSP’s and some effective cleaners to boot, we try our best to refrain from some of the pitfalls created by an increasingly saturated detailing industry. We don’t make outrageous manufacturing claims. We don’t produce all the bells and whistles you’ve probably seen from other lines. While we might conduct comparison tests, we don’t highlight or broadcast any of them. We don’t bash other brands.

Collinite’s focus is very small; we concentrate on making our stuff, and letting the customer decide. And well, that’s it. After all, if you’ve come this far to find us, research us, contact us, get over the simple packaging and the fact we don’t advertise or participate in every car or boat show, and finally try us out…then chances are you know what you’re doing, and you’re relatively passionate and picky about it as well.

The detailing biz nowadays is congested with gadgets and gizmos galore; some good, some great, some not so hot. Many have seized new angles to capitalize on industry buzz words and trends (who knew you needed a different product for every single component/color/surface/day of the week etc?). But hey-that’s marketing; something we profess we’re not experts in, and nor do we care to be. To each his/her own.

So if we’ve never heard of Brand X’s Extreme Tire Gloss Enhancer, Brand Y’s Miracle Headlight UV Dressing, or Brand Z’s Touchless Pre-Swirl Removing Exfoliating Beauty Cream, don’t be surprised.

How do we usually compare ourselves to our counterparts?

I dunno-maybe our height?

-6’1” in Utica, NY.

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