No. 415

Color-Up Hand Compound

Pre-Wax Cleaner

No. 415

Color-Up Hand Compound

Pre-Wax Cleaner

Economical, light-duty paint-cleansing compound safely removes surface contamination before follow up wax protection


  • Clear coat safe, for use on all colors
  • Removes surface contaminants like mild oxidation/discoloration, scuffs, bugs, staining, & brake dust
  • Can act as a wax remover
  • For hand and DA use
  • For glass, rubber or trim
  • For removal/ elimination of deep scratches/heavy swirls
  • For rotary use or mirror finish paint correction via machine


Removes film, mild oxidation/discoloration, brake dust, oil, grease, tar, bugs, stains and more from clear coat/single stage paint, painted/non-painted metal & fiberglass. Brightens surface clarity and deepens shine while preparing finish for follow up wax-improving bond, spread and protective durability. Clear coat safe. Not for glass, rubber or trim. Contains no waxes or silicones. For both hand & DA polisher use.

TIP: Always test product first in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure desired result.

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  1. Dennis

    I used Collinite 415 for the first time this year (April 2021), and it seemed to give me exactly what I was looking for. I prefer liquid-based paint cleansers (versus clay bar techniques), and was on the hunt for something new, given the other products I was using were either
    getting harder to obtain and/or were quite expensive (particularly since my car is an ’02
    VW Golf, with original paint, so using expensive stuff just wasn’t getting to be worth it). The 415 was certainly the most economical of any I have tried, and only used what looked like a small amount from the bottle when I finished the whole car – this means the bottle should last me a long time.

    I did a quick, qualitatively side-by-side comparison with two other liquid-based paintwork cleansers that I still had on hand. The results seemed to be same for all three (both visually and from a tactile perspective). I didn’t notice much gunk coming off the paint for any of the three compounds, but that’s probably not surprising since I only put about 5000km on the car since the fall of 2020 when I detailed it last (and it sits most of the time indoors). I have obtained better cleansing results for the other two products on a newer car that had much better paint condition (that I had access to previously), so I assume the Collinite should be able to do the same.

    One thing about the application: the instructions say to remove it while it only begins to dry (i.e. do not ‘dry buff’ it says), however as I was using it by hand, I found it hard to get off completely and cleanly while doing so. By accident, I let one panel dry to a complete haze, and somehow I found it easier to get off – so I continued this way. Although I applied it thinly, it dried to a completely white colour – so don’t be surprised if you come across this. (It did come off, by hand, using a two-cloth approach – just had taken a good amount of effort). Lastly – I did find that the amount of dust coming from the buffing process was extensive – I needed to wipe down the car before applying paint sealant – that’s probably why the instructions tell you not to ‘dry buff’.

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No.415 Color-Up Cleaner is an economically designed compound best suited for the removal of clear coat staining, brake dust, oxidation and other paint imperfections that can be commonly remedied by hand use. No. 415 can be used by both hand and DA polisher.
No. 390 Polish utilizes advanced abrasives specifically engineered to remove swirls/fine scratches while leaving behind a professional, mirror finish. To achieve these desired results, No. 390 is designed for machine use only (DA polisher and rotary).