No. 920 + No. 925

Marine Cleaner + Marine Wax

No. 920 + No. 925

Marine Cleaner + Marine Wax



No.920 cuts fast and finishes smooth-removing film, mild-moderate UV oxidation/chalkiness, discoloration, and tough stains from fiberglass. Easy-to-use compound restores original color and gloss to facilitate the easy application of Collinite’s last step waxes; improving wax bond, spread/coverage and durability.

For those in search of glistening fiberglass and lasting protection without the elbow grease of a paste wax. Easy on, easy off No. 925 last step wax provides both long-lasting protection to fiberglass, while leaving behind a high gloss shine and durable protective coating that shields all season against weathering; UV, salt spray and more. Ideal for wax-ready large surface area jobs where radiant shine, protective longevity and timely job completion are all paramount.

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