Theory of Relative Durability

Recently, one of my buddies was asking me about our waxes.

“What makes yours better?” he asked.

“Mainly the durability-how long our waxes last. That’s our staple and it’s why people like it” I answered.

“So if it’s so durable, why isn’t Collinite more popular?”

“Well, we really don’t push it down people’s throats. Plus, it can be tough for some consumers to look past anything but lowest price nowadays. Ironically, if you break it down, the durability ends up saving you money and time in the long-run.”

“Then you should break it down…like, what it actually costs a customer to use Collinite’s most durable car wax, and then show the value.”

Good idea.

Excluding life’s necessities (food, utilities, taxes etc), think of the products and services that might make up your fixed expenses in a given month; dining out, haircuts, cups of coffee, 200” screen televisions. Of course the significance we assign to these products and services is relative based on our different priorities, tastes, values and habits.

Let’s go ahead and take haircuts. A quality trim is fairly inexpensive -depending on your preference and possibly your gender (women spend about 2-5X’s more on haircuts than men do, so let’s use men’s as an example to keep that variable consistent.) With tip, average price for a wash and cut is around $17. (I just got my ears lowered for $9, so it looks like I’m successfully bucking the trend.) Now think about how long-on average-the haircut will last before a return visit is needed. Let’s say once every 3 weeks/17 times a year/once every 21 days.*

Your dome grooming is costing you:

$295 a year

$24.57 a month

80 cents a day


So what’s some Collinite costing you?

One 9oz can of No. 476s retail price: $18.99 USD.

Estimated cost of one coat to cover a mid sized sedan: 1/14th or 7% of said 9oz can: $1.32

Average longevity of one coat in a moderate climate (rounded down so it doesn’t look like we’re fudging this): 5 months/150 days

So what’s it costing you to shine, protect and preserve the finish of your car with Collinite 476s?  It might just blow your hair back.

$3.21 a year    

26 cents a month 

Less than a penny a day     


*Return barber visits depend on different factors; i.e.  If you’re active military, if your team is in the playoffs (a trim could prove detrimental during winning streaks), if you play percussion for a Pantera tribute band, or if Locks of Love is your charity of choice.

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